Kiosk Molli

Solidary participatory kiosk
at Salzderhelden train station

Very special buns

From now on, Monday to Friday, we will be serving homemade buns. For large quantities, please order in advance.

To order you can simply come by or send us an email to .

You can learn more about our very special buns by clicking on the exclamation mark.

Nächstes Event

Gleiskonzert mit Lovara
Sonntag, 25. September 2022

Mit politischen und spirituellen Texten, mit Gitarre, Gesang und Cello berühren das Duo „Lovara“ die, die zuhören.

Wie immer gibt's vor Ort vegane Leckereien - alles tauschlogikfrei und ohne Konsumzwang!

Our collective & more projects

We have a few more projects in Salzderhelden which are certainly interesting to take a look at.

Always seeking to answer the question of what a good life for all could look like.

And so we are constantly working and developing our own utopias.

Infos dazu findet ihr auf

Opening Hours & Events

Every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month concert on old railway tracks

A variety of live music from railway sidings. Always at 2:30 p.m. you will be inspired by professional artists or those who are gaining stage experience for the first time.

The food is as always vegan, free from exchange logic and WITHOUT pressure to consume something. People without money are also allowed to come by and enjoy cultural events.

Every 1st Sunday of the month: Vegan Roundtable

Self-organized buffet and chatting together in a special atmosphere for people who already live vegan or are interested in doing so.

You are welcome to bring something for the buffet, but it is absolutely by no means a requirement.
Starting time is always at 2.30 p.m.

Opening Hours:
Mondays to Fridays we are open in the morning.

Otherwise, we are open for events, such as the concerts on old railway tracks on Sundays.

Free Wifi

Drinking water station
Refill your bottle for your trip

Railroad station piano
Enjoy playing!
Take a book for reading while travelling

The kiosk is operated by the "Soli-Café e.V." on a purely voluntary and idealistic basis. So that another lively place in the village is created. 

What is the idea behind the molli?

The molli is managed non-commercially, in solidarity and collectively. Behind it is the Soli-Café Einbeck e.V. The team acts purely voluntarily and idealistic. The idea is that this place is designed as a participatory space. So you can also join in. Just get in touch with the team behind the counter if you have an idea or a wish or even want to become part of the team.

In addition, there are no fixed prices. Why?
Capitalism is currently destroying the earth and thus our livelihoods. Capitalism is based on the logic of exchange. We want to overcome this logic.
This means we want trade to be based on the needs of individuals rather than on an equivalent value. We also want to make it possible for everyone to visit the kiosk. Regardless of whether they have a big or small wallet. Because in the molli and preferably everywhere in the world everyone should get something tasty to eat and drink.
With this, we also want to enable all people to visit the kiosk. Regardless of whether they have a large or small purse. Because in the molli and preferably everywhere in the world, everyone should get something tasty to eat and drink.

Maybe you already know the concept under the name: Give as much as you like or "Pay what you want". What does that mean? Wikipedia writes something like this:
Pay what you want (PWYW) is a pricing model where the price is set by the buyer alone. The seller offers products without a price and the buyer is asked to pay a price that is appropriate for them. The buyer also has the option to pay nothing for the product, i.e. to set the price to zero.

How can I participate?

Store shift

Take over a store shift, cleaning tasks and/or baking tasks.

Food Coop

Help build regional food co-ops or food pickups!

Solidarity contribution

Support molli financially with a one-time or monthly contribution


Organize an event yourself! Gaming afternoon, reading circle, acoustic concert, political discussion group, or something completely different.