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zur molli – Startseite

Social and participatory café

at Salzderhelden train station

We are on vacation from 26.07. to 07.07.

and are therefore closed.






15 - 17 h

   9 - 11 h

   9 - 11 h

 15 - 17 h

 15 - 17 h

   9 - 11 h

Coffee & pastries

Breakfast café

Breakfast café
Coffee & pastries

Coffee & pastries

Breakfast café

In addition to the regular opening hours, we open spontaneously on some days and communicate this via Telegram.

Molli Theke


Make your train ride more interesting by reading a book

Food sharing shelf

Save edible food from getting thrown away!

Give away shelf

Feel free to
bring or take clothes!

Railroad station piano

Enjoy playing!

Barrierefreie Toilette

WCs always open - 24/7!


Free Wifi

Fresh homemade buns

Volunteers here knead by hand and bake delicious pretzel rolls themselves. For larger quantities, please make sure to pre-order.

To order you can simply drop by or send us an email to schreiben.

Upcoming event

The next event will be announced here soon. Please check back later.


You are also welcome to suggest your own event. Just send us an e-mail or drop by!


Our collective & other projects

In Salzderhelden more projects are well worth looking at, supporting and participating in!

Always seeking to find out what a good life for all might look like, people are
constantly researching and working on their own living utopias.

What is the idea behind the molli?

The molli is a participatory café organized by volunteers. The station café is managed by volunteers without a boss and is free of the logic of exchange, vegan, hierarchy-critical, ecological and drug-free. A wide variety of people contribute voluntarily to this participatory café, from cleaning the toilets and preparing food to setting up the stage. The idea is that this place is organized as a participatory space. So you are welcome to join in too!

The molli is therefore an experiment and a lived utopia to create a money-free and solidary world for all according to needs, abilities and possibilities in the here and now together. For all means here not only to act empathetically with regard to all humans, but also to consider our actions in dealing with non-human animals and other living beings in a hierarchy-critical way.

Simply contact the team behind the counter or by mail if you have an idea or a wish or even want to become part of the team.

In addition, there are no fixed prices. Why?

Capitalism is currently destroying the earth and thus the basis of life of all living beings. Capitalism is based, among other things, on the logic of exchange. We want to overcome this logic and orientate economies towards the needs of individuals. After all, in the molli and preferably everywhere in the world, everyone should get something delicious to eat and drink, regardless of the size of their wallet. Perhaps you already know a similar concept, which is similar to the concept of freedom of exchange logic, under the name: "Give as much as you can and like" or "Pay what you want".

zur molli – Startseite
zur molli

  at the train station | Alte Bahnhofstraße 8 |
37574 Einbeck

If you would like to support the molli financially, feel free to forward it to Solicafé Einbeck e.V. :

IBAN:     DE89 2789 3760 1037 6798 00
Subject:  Donation

We welcome both one-time and regular contributions.